Communicating on Sustainability

Organisations that pursue ESG strategies are often challenged to navigate the spectrum from greenhushing to greenwashing.
In this course you'll learn approaches for executing more effective communications on your organisation's sustainability efforts and activities.  Learn ways to identify and tailor messages to the interests of different stakeholder groups, and how to communicate your focus areas and activities more effectively.

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Lesson series

Sustainability Communication for SME's

In this course you'll discover why going green isn't just a fad, but a Strategic Advantage, and unlock the secrets to navigating environmental and social impact. Learn how to integrate circularity into your operations and products, mastering the art of measuring and reporting your positive contributions. Gain the edge you need to attract investors seeking sustainable partners – all in this comprehensive and empowering program. Dive in and unlock the future of your business, one sustainable step at a time!
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What's included?

  • 4 Modules
  • 1 Certification of Completion

About the Course

This course equips SME's with the essentials to navigate the environmental and social aspects of business. Learn how sustainable practices can unlock financial benefits, improve operations, and attract investors. Master impact measurement, reporting, and circular economy principles. This is a roadmap to a thriving, future-proof SME.

You'll meet the following objectives

  • Understand why sustainability is essential to a business not “nice to have”.
  • Learn how to navigate different areas of impact (environmental and social)
  • Incorporate circular models into product design and operation
  • Learn how to report their impact
  • Understand the relationship between running a sustainable business and accessing funding.
Meet the instructor

Chike Farrell

Patrick Jones - Course author