Our mission is to empower Caribbean professionals 

Caribbean Ideas Academy is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods for diverse communities on online educational needs. We are dedicated to promoting online knowledge and awareness of the demands of the ever-changing internet technological trends for professional competency.

Our Story

With rapid changes in technology comes change to the way approaches online learning. Now more than ever more employees are working from home, and there are even fewer in-person training interactions. We saw the need for a more hybrid approach to learning and development. ​
Caribbean businesses wanted to upskill their employees via an online medium but needed guidance with this transition. Also, there was a demand for online learning that included Caribbean practitioners who could showcase relevant Caribbean examples.​
We saw this as an opportunity to start Caribbean Ideas Academy where we not only provide tailored online courses but also offer custom-built courses specific to the needs of Caribbean business thus helping them achieve their objectives. ​
Created by the team who brought you Caribbean Ideas Synapse, Caribbean Ideas Academy is a subsidiary of the Caribbean Ideas Brand. With years of business experience with regional Caribbean clients, we understood the unique pain points of their learning and development and how to find a remedy. Caribbean Ideas Academy provides a catalogue of online courses as well as custom-made courses for our clients. ​

Mission Statement

We’re on a mission to help upskill Caribbean people through quality online learning so they can be globally competitive.

What We Believe

At Caribbean Ideas, we believe the Caribbean has amazing untapped potential in both its companies and employees. To make our region competitive on a global stage, the untapped potential of businesses must be harnessed.

 We believe that if Caribbean organisations and institutions advance, the Caribbean will advance. By enhancing the capabilities and skills of Caribbean people, together, we can unleash a wave of hyper-competitive Caribbean organisations that will help enrich the entire CARICOM region.

 At Caribbean Ideas Academy, we encourage learning and development on a greater scale through modern training technologies and techniques that will lead to further growth and progress. We provide an easy-to-use yet effective tool that will assist your organisation's progression through industry-led training coupled with the modern conveniences of guided online learning.

There's a lot of knowledge in the Caribbean, if we connect the knowledge and understanding of our unique Caribbean reality, we can ultimately have a massive impact on upskilling, reskilling and improving organisational knowledge transfer. By achieving these goals, it will accelerate the agility of organisations and their employees and move the Caribbean forward.

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