Welcome to Caribbean Academy 

Caribbean Academy helps Caribbean businesses and individuals grow and progress by providing modern, Caribbean-based learning and development solutions through a variety of online courses both on-demand and custom-based. Our courses are built by Caribbean practitioners for Caribbean professionals.

Benefits of our Training Programmes

Caribbean subject matter experts will directly help you to train your team

Upskill Your

With on-demand and custom-based learning and development courses, Caribbean professionals can progress and thrive in a globally competitive environment.

Track Employees’ Learning Progress

The overall learning progress of enrolled employees will be monitored and tracked. Upon completion of courses, a comprehensive report of each employee’s learning progress will be shared.

Cultivate A
Growth Mindset

We can upskill a large numbers of employees to help with their personal and professional development. We offer learning and development packages with a mix of skills and knowledge-based courses that can align with your company’s objectives.​

Reward Your

Upon successful completion of courses, not only will employees receive a certificate of completion, we also can create a reward system tied to their learning progress. We can tailor rewards based on specific learning targets achieved, where your company can provide incentives for successful completion.

Flexible Learning

Employees set their own deadlines and can learn from anywhere at any time on the web via their desktop or mobile devices.​

Credible, Top-Quality Courses

Courses offered will include Standard, Premier along with the Distinguished Speaker Series ranging from specialised skill-based courses to informative knowledge-based courses facilitated by Caribbean practitioners.​

Our courses